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Inflatable Rentals Ludowici

Inflatable rentals Ludowici is the perfect addition to any party. We offer inflatable rentals Ludowici that are sure to please.  All of our inflatable rentals Ludowici are cleaned and sanitized after each use.  We believe that your safety is important, which is why our party rental business comes licensed and insured. We take great pride in our business and it shows with our excellent selection and customer service.  Take a look around and we are certain that you will find something that will improve your next party!

We work with people that are having a fun little gathering in their backyard to people that are looking to fill a football stadium for a large event.  Big or small, you will receive the same great service.  We take care of our clients and should there be something that comes up, we are only a phone call away.  We do ask that you don't use any cleaners on our party rentals as some cleaners can affect the coloring. Our goal is to preserve this equipment as much as possible.  Simply spray it off with a hose, should something get spilled.  

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When your party is over, we will be back by to pick everything up for you.  During this time we will quickly inspect the unit, roll it up, and haul away.  You do nothing but plan the date and invite the guests.  We do all the heavy lifting! Give us a call and let's get your party started with amazing inflatable rentals Ludowici. 

Have questions or concerns?  Ask!  We are always happy to assist people in setting up their parties.  We have worked many events and understand what is popular for the various age groups.  It is important that you know your audience so that you can pick up what they might like.  If your audience is older, say college students or high school students, then you might want to look at some of the bigger options we have such as obstacle courses.  While the school-aged and younger kids will be happy with a simple bounce house rental.  We offer combo rentals too, this is where there are a bounce house and a slide combined into one unit.  This can handle a lot of kids and is a hit at most parties. 

Party Rentals Ludowici

Having enough inflatable rentals Ludowici is also important.  You don't want to have long lengthy lines that people get tired of waiting in.  Be sure that you have a nice variety if you are planning a large event.  Our Trackless Train is a fun addition that can help people get from one location to the next with ease and it's fun for the kids as well. We have had "stops" that we make or it can be set up as another attraction and ride for your guests.  

It really is completely up to you on how you have things set up.  Remember that parents love to watch their kids.  Because of this, ensure you have enough room between the party rentals for your size crowd. 

Go ahead and give us a call and let's get you started on throwing the best party ever.

Take a look around and you'll see that we offer concession rentals, a trackless train rental, slides, water slides, obstacles courses, and even generator rentals.  We are a carnival in a truck that comes to you and sets everything up.  We work with small business owners, homeowners, party planners, and corporations to ensure their big and small events go off without a hitch. It is vital to us that we have your bounce house carnival set up and ready to go before the first guest arrives.  Once your party is over, we will be back by to pick it all up.  It is that simple.  

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This is a simple way to do a fundraiser as you literally only have to plan a date and advertise.  All the heavy lifting is on us. There are many ways that you can advertise your event and many ways to monetize it.  We have worked with many people that are doing fundraisers.  While this is a simple and effective way to fundraise, most actually enjoy it and the fundraiser is set for next year. We have many clients that come back year after year with the same events. Often times they are growing as well.  If you are looking to start or if you have outgrown your current provider, we are happy to assist.  We offer bounce house Ludowici rentals, concession rentals, water slide rentals, and table and chair rentals.  We literally have everything you need to throw a party.

Our table and chair rentals go very well with our bounce house Ludowici rentals. They are also perfect for graduation parties or outdoor weddings.  We offer some other rentals too.  Take a look around and we have a nice selection of various party rentals to choose from. Don't see what you are looking for? Ask, we are getting in new rentals all the time.

We take great pride in our equipment and it shows.  You get what you expect when renting from us. All of the equipment is sanitized after each use.  We inspect the equipment at set up and tear down to ensure that it is in proper working order.  Everything is stated inspected as it should be and we are professionals that carry insurance.



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